Since 2004 ‚micafilm‘ (Mirjana Momirović and Caroline Haertel) has been producing documentaries and reports followed attentively by the public and critics. Whether ‚micafilm‘ is trying to understand signs and signage, dance, theatre, literature, Catholic priests in love, highly gifted children, new methods in reproductive medicine, or following the construction of the new Federal Chancellery in Germany - it’s always the personalities behind these topics, their passion, dreams and visions that interests the micafilm founders. With gusto, vigor and zeal, they’ve been directing their films for more than a decade. 2007 was the year of the far reaching encounter between ‚micafilm’ and Stefanie Schneider which led to the Polaroid movie „Till Death Do Us Part“, the collaboration of the Poloaroid feature film „29 Palms, ca“ and the Record company „29“.